TPA Certification

Brit Claims

The Brit Global Specialty USA claims philosophy is to (a) unbundle claims adjusting for all insurance products and (b) directly manage claims for assumed reinsurance products.  We strive to be market leaders in our approach to claims, especially in speed of response, technical accuracy, efficiency of service and settlement.  As a service company for Brit Syndicate 2987, our claims team balances US market practices with Lloyds Minimum Operating Standards.  In that regard, our claims team is responsible ensuring all claims are handled properly and all parties involved are well-qualified and vetted.

SIR Public & Non Profit

For our SIR Package Clients, Brit works with the selected TPA to provide the service and expertise needed with respect to claims investigations and management.  To be confirmed as a qualified and credentialed TPA, we request you complete the TPA certification process which can be accessed from the button on this page.  It’s a 2 step process that is quick and easy:

TPA Certification

Step 1:  Click on the button below and click through the TPA certification web page designed to provide our claims management with information that includes an overview of the TPA’s capabilities, staff, background and copies of your licenses and E&O certificate.

Step 2: Our claims team will review the information and revert back for clarification or follow-up questions as appropriate.  If everything is in order, then you’ll be notified that the process is complete.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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