Module Assignment: Modules did not Assign

There are a few reasons a module may not assign.

The most common reason is that the module is already assigned to the user. Modules stay assigned to a user unless the module is completed or unassigned. It is common a user did not complete a module assigned to them the previous year. When it is assigned again, the system does not assign the module to that user because the user already has the module.

To resolve, un-assigning the user’s old module and re-assigning so:

  • The user receives the notification email.
  • The user does not experience technical issues with the older module.

A second possibility is that the “Do Not assign the module again” option was selected at the end of the assignment process. When this option is selected, the system will not assign a module to someone who has completed the module at any time in the past.

  • Be sure to select the “Assign module again” option to avoid this issue.


How to Unassign Modules?